Election of Site Representatives

Following the conclusion of the process for the election of site representative and committee members, the following have all been elected unopposed.

SiteCurrent Representative(s)Total allocated
Bishops HallDave Collett1 Site Rep
Crescent RoadCharlie Richardson
Margaret Baker
1 Site Rep
Committee member
HartswoodIan Palmer/Steve Griffiths
Pat Griffiths
4 Site Reps
Committee member
Honeypot LaneNeil Hornsby
Barbara Beckett
1 Site Rep
Committee member
Middle RoadDave Tullett1 Site Rep
Ongar RoadJackie Fretten/Ann Matthews
Steve Fretten
2 Site Reps
Committee member
Park RoadChris Smith/Steve Shepherd3 Site Reps
River RoadVernon Thomas1 Site Rep

In addition, I am pleased to announce the election of two new representatives:

Pauline Davidson – as a committee member based at Crescent Road
Arthur Leathley as a site representative at Hartswood

Thanks to all of you who give up your time and effort to ensure that the Society operates in an efficient and effective manner

Chris Smith – Data Manager/Returning Officer

Hartswood Update

As many members are aware, there has been a lot of work to clear out the drains that service the Council car park. The soakaways that are under the concrete slab at the top of the site were originally designed to deal with the rainwater from the car park gullys but have now reached the end of their lives and this has resulted in flooding of the lower track and associated plots.

The Council are planning on installing suitable drainage down the centre of the lower track to take off the water from the soakaways down to the spillway in the lower corner of the site then onto the railway. At the same time additional collection points will be created to remove the excess water from the two remaining winter springs.

This work is expected to be carried out at the end of October. 

When the contractors are on site, the allotments car park will be closed and allotments that are adjacent to the lower track will require extreme care if access is required. It is recommended that the most affected plot holders, that is those whose plots are adjacent to the railway, do not attend the site while the work is underway.

Once the exact date for the work to be carried out is known, all members will again be advised.

Ian Palmer 

Site Representative

Manure Delivery at Hartswood

To All Hartswood,

Firstly the good news, we have had another delivery of horse manure.

Now the not so good news.  In the hot weather when everyone wants to be outside the smell is such that the neighbours are objecting.

In an effort to minimise the problem we have covered the heap with some white tarpaulin but it would help enormously if you could use it as soon as possible and, after loading your wheelbarrows, replace the tarpaulin.

Thank you.

Ian and Steve, site reps

Hutton Horticultural Society Trading Hut

We have been advised that the Hutton Horticultural Society Trading Hut will be open for business this coming Sunday, May 17th.

Please make sure that if you do decide to visit that you take with you a valid up-to-date membership card.  You will not be served without one.

If you do not have your membership card, please contact your site representative or committee member so that you can arrange a mutually agreed handover of a new one.  

For newer members who have never used this facility, our society has an arrangement with the Hutton Horticultural Society where our members can use their Trading Hut which is situated on their Birkbeck Road allotment site and which trades on Sunday mornings.  You have to show a valid membership card. 

Their website is: https://www.huttonhorticulturalsociety.co.uk/

Green Waste Skip at Hartswood

We are expecting the Council Green Waste skip on Tuesday, 3rd October, morning and need lots of volunteers from around 9am to help fill it.

The more the merrier —  many hands make light work.

So, Tuesday at 9. please.

Steve and Ian,

Site Reps

Hartswood Allotment Cleanup!

A big “Thank you” to all who helped during the past few days.


On Friday, we managed to clear away three trailer loads of scrap metal from the vicinity of plots 1, 2, and 3 (as well as from 5 and 16). Special thanks to Colin for providing the trailer.  And of course to G J Bowmer (Waste Disposal) Ltd who took the scrap.  They have also helped in the past with disposal of asbestos.

On Saturday we had a major fire on plot 118, the plot just inside the main gate.  This has cleared an awful lot of rubbish and allowed Jim to start digging. Many thanks for those who were able to help at such short notice.

There is still a lot of work to do on plot 118, which is now the community plot.  Any help with the digging would be much appreciated. Whenever you are available, and even when you are at your own plots, a few minutes digging would make a huge difference. Just turn the soil and heap up any weeds and roots you dislodge. We cannot leave it all to Jim.

And finally a big thank you to Olivier who has been working with his chainsaw to get proper access to plots 29 and 30 and open up the far corner.

I have attached a few photos I managed to take.

I hope we see you soon — especially helping recover plot 118.