Hartswood Update

As many members are aware, there has been a lot of work to clear out the drains that service the Council car park. The soakaways that are under the concrete slab at the top of the site were originally designed to deal with the rainwater from the car park gullys but have now reached the end of their lives and this has resulted in flooding of the lower track and associated plots.

The Council are planning on installing suitable drainage down the centre of the lower track to take off the water from the soakaways down to the spillway in the lower corner of the site then onto the railway. At the same time additional collection points will be created to remove the excess water from the two remaining winter springs.

This work is expected to be carried out at the end of October. 

When the contractors are on site, the allotments car park will be closed and allotments that are adjacent to the lower track will require extreme care if access is required. It is recommended that the most affected plot holders, that is those whose plots are adjacent to the railway, do not attend the site while the work is underway.

Once the exact date for the work to be carried out is known, all members will again be advised.

Ian Palmer 

Site Representative

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